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McBee Farm & Cattle Company started out from one central theme that has stuck with us since the day we first started farming - a sincere love for the land, and the responsibility to future generations to leave the ground in better condition than we found it. These values have been instilled throughout our family ran operation, starting at the top level and trickling down to all team members.

Our dedication towards soil conservation is evident through our practices, and with a fleet of equipment geared towards reducing the environment impact of standard farming techniques, we have taken it upon our shoulders to produce grain of the highest quality and build a foundation of soil underneath the ground surface that adds value to YOUR ground.

Our team believes that farming should no longer be a selfish relationship focused on maximizing the producer's bottom line only, but that working with the landowner and creating a long-term build program allows a synergistic relationship that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved - YOU the landowner, us the producer, and most importantly - the hallowed ground we're able to work on.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this website, we hope that we are able to give you a quick snapshot of who we are, what we do, and the values and precedents we have been raised with that carry our work. We love what we do, and partnering with us as your producer on your ground ensures that your investment will be treated as if you were doing the farming yourself. We look forward to speaking with you further.



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