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     Quality gear can make or break a hunt. We recommend Sitka Gear for high quality hunting clothing. Temperature and weather vary from day to day in Missouri, so checking the 10 day forecast before arriving is a good idea. Please make sure you are proficient out to 200 yards with a rifle, and out to 40 yards with a bow. Doing so will greatly improve your chances of harvesting that trophy of a lifetime!



While this is not all inclusive, we've compiled a list of some of the key things to bring to make your hunt more memorable:




1. Cold weather base layer top and bottom

2. Outer shell jacket and pants

3. Rain Gear

4. Wool socks (Or merino wool)

5. Insulated boots (rubber or hiking)

6. Gloves

7. Camo backpack

8. Rifle with two boxes of shells

9. Bow with arrows and broadheads (we recommend Rage or Sevr)

10. Toiletries

11. Camp clothing

12. Camp shoes

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