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Farm Management

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Our free-range hunting program gives the hunter full rights to the ground for a selected period of time, with 5-star lodging included! Our lodging is absolutely unrivaled, and we want to ensure you have the best overall hunting experience possible! Upon arrival, we show you maps of the ground, along with stand locations we have set up and trail camera photos we have captured over the past several months. These hunts give the more budget-conscious hunter an opportunity to have the chance at a world class whitetail, at a price almost anyone could afford! All farms have been strategically managed for years, producing incredible whitetails on an annual basis! Several hunts from these farms have been featured on Drury Outdoors and the Outdoor Channel and have produced many great bucks over the years! 1 buck, 1 doe, and 1 turkey is allowed per person. A 135” minimum is in place during these hunts to help herd age structure and allow these farms to grow the absolute giant whitetails Northern Missouri is known for year after year! A $500 fee will be charged for any deer under 135.”


  • Excellent hunting ground that has a maximum of 4 hunters per 160 acres per year

  • Stands strategically placed in ideal locations

  • Maps of the ground you will be hunting

  • Trail camera photos from the ground you will be hunting

  • A folder full of local up-to-date deer movement reports, what to expect during that time of Fall, and how to hunt the farms you will be leasing

  • 5-star lodging at one of our amazing lodges!

  • A personal chef, with all meals provided!

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